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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home

5 Home Repairs That Could be Covered by Your FPL Home Warranty

By and large, a home warranty plan offered by FPL Home helps cover items that most home insurance plans will not. Where home insurance will cover disasters such as extreme weather, fire and Acts of God,  a home warranty plan covers your major home appliances and systems, helping to protect you and your family from the costs and headaches that suddenly arrive when these appliances and systems break down due to normal wear and tear. 

From HVAC, water heater systems and components of your electrical system to your washer, dryer, dishwasher and oven, a home warranty plan offered by FPL Home gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re have coverage in the event that one of these falls into disrepair. Let’s break it down.

1. HVAC repair and replacement

On average, repairing or replacing an HVAC system will cost up $4,000. If the system is in good working condition when your coverage starts — regardless of how old it may be — a home warranty plan offered by FPL Home will not only help protect your budget, helping to cover the repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear, but we’ll also find and help you schedule a qualified, vetted professional to come out and do the work. 

2. Water heater repair and replacement

Depending on a list of factors, water heaters have an average lifespan of around 12 years. If your water heater breaks down due to normal wear and tear, we help ensure that you don’t go a long time without hot water by sending a vetted professional to your home to diagnose and repair or replace it.

3. Appliance breakdowns

With normal wear and tear, any home appliance will fall into disrepair over time. Whether it’s your oven, refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, washer, dryer or built-in microwave, home warranty plans offered by FPL Home are designed to help get them up and running as soon as possible, helping cover cost of a repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear, and minimizing as much as possible the stress of getting the unit repaired or replaced.

4. Plumbing leaks

Leaks in your plumbing systems can really add up or even more – as if the leaks themselves weren’t enough! In some cases, they can cause damage to your home. Home warranty plans offered by FPL Home offer coverage for leaky faucets and toilets, line leaks and more due to normal wear and tear. When you call us to report the problem, we work hard to get a vetted professional on the job as soon as possible – then we help cover the repairs outlined in your contract. Problem solved.

5. Stopped up drains

If your drains have a clog or leak due to normal wear and tear, FPL Home can send a professional to diagnose and repair the problem. We make it easy so that instead of calling around town and crossing your fingers, you can just call us and we’ll make sure a qualified professional is on the job. All you have to do is help coordinate scheduling with the technician so they can access your home while you’re there.

Home warranty plans offered by FPL Home helps protects you from the costs and headaches of down time, diagnosing, and repairing or replacement the major appliances and systems due to normal wear and tear that keep your home comfortable. Call us today at 844-965-1133. We’ll answer any questions you may have about our home warranty plans.

*FPL HOME IS AN UNREGULATED SUBSIDIARY OF FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY (FPL). The home warranty plans are offered and administered by FPL Home, Florida license #E099597, and not FPL, and are provided by Lyndon Southern Insurance Company (FL Lic. No.: FL-03698). The home warranty plans are service plans and not warranties. Please refer to the full home warranty plan provisions for complete information including details of benefits, coverage, specific exclusions, arbitration provisions, class action waivers, conditions and limitations.

**Appliances Warranty Plus and Home Warranty Plus are brand names of the service plans and are not warranties. A service plan is optional and cancellable. 

***Any outstanding balance remaining of total annual home warranty plan fee will be due upon any early termination of the plan requested by consumer, subject to refund rights as governed by Florida law.