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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home

How Long do Home Systems and Appliances Last?

The lifespan of a major appliance or home system will vary greatly from brand to brand, determined as much by the quality of the items parts and design as on the care and maintenance it has received over the years.

Knowing the age of your home’s systems and appliances, along with the expected lifespan is key in understanding financial risks. One thing is certain – whether it happens sooner or later than it should – appliances and home systems will eventually break down. And after the warranty of the item expires, you will be responsible for getting it repaired or replaced.

Typical lifespans and cost of home appliance and systems

Here are the standard life spans of various home appliances and systems and the cost to replace each:

Appliances & Systems Lifespan* Replacement Cost
HVAC 12-15 years $3,700- $7,200
Electric Furnace 15-25 years $900-$5,500
Gas Furnace 15-25 years $2,500-$3,800
Dishwasher 9 years $600-$1,300
Refrigerator 13 years $800-$4,000
Oven/Range 14 - 16 years $350- $3,000
Dryer 13 years $400-$1,800
Washer 10 years $350-$1,600
Water heater - tank 12 years $900
Water heater - tankless 20 years $3,000


Central Heating and Air Conditioning

12-15 years is the average lifespan of central heating and air conditioner (HVAC) system. With proper maintenance and regular replacement of air filters, they may function longer than this.

With regular cleaning of the coils and proper care, a refrigerator will last an average of 13 years

An oven will last an average of 14-16 years but like most heavy appliances, you can stretch its lifespan with proper care.

Tankless Water Heaters
The lifespan for a standard tankless water heater is about 20 years while gas or electric tanks average 12 years. Regular draining and proper care will help you get the most out of either type of system.

How to find out the age of a home’s systems or appliances?

  • Find the serial number.
  • Visit appliance411.com to find the date of manufacture.
  • If the home is less than 10-12 years old, typically the appliances and systems are as old as the house.
  • Homebuyers should always ask the seller or the home inspector about the age of the appliance and systems they are buying with a house. The property disclosure statement may also contain this information.

A home warranty plan offered by FPL Home will help protect you from the sudden high costs and discomforts that almost always come with an appliance or system breakdown due to normal wear and tear – not to mention the headaches of finding a qualified, reliable technician. Give us a call at 844-965-1133. We’ll be happy to explain any details or answer any questions you may have.

* Average life data from National Association of Home Builders / Bank of America Home Equity, ”Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components”.

*FPL HOME IS AN UNREGULATED SUBSIDIARY OF FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY (FPL). The home warranty plans are offered and administered by FPL Home, Florida license #E099597, and not FPL, and are provided by Lyndon Southern Insurance Company (FL Lic. No.: FL-03698). The home warranty plans are service plans and not warranties. Please refer to the full home warranty plan provisions for complete information including details of benefits, coverage, specific exclusions, arbitration provisions, class action waivers, conditions and limitations.

**Appliances Warranty Plus and Home Warranty Plus are brand names of the service plans and are not warranties. A service plan is optional and cancellable. 

***Any outstanding balance remaining of total annual home warranty plan fee will be due upon any early termination of the plan requested by consumer, subject to refund rights as governed by Florida law.