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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home

Here’s an interesting fact: There’s a whole lot of “splishing-and-splashing going”1 on at Walt Disney World and not just on Splash Mountain. Laundromats at the theme park clean 285,000 pounds of laundry each day.2 That would be unimaginable except that American families wash and dry between 8 and ten loads each week.3 We rely on working appliances. It probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal to Mickey, if one dryer out of hundreds won’t dry in Walt Disney World, but a similar incident could throw your family into a tailspin. Most of us don’t have multiple dryers on deck waiting to perform. Multiple dryers might be nice, but recognizing why one won’t dry and knowing how to fix it is an even better alternative.

Reasons a Dryer Won’t Dry

Simple Reason/Solution

There may be a very reasonable explanation to why a dryer won’t dry your laundry. The simplest explanation is that it’s overloaded. The dryer has to work much harder to dry an overloaded drum. It can’t work efficiently and the excessive amount of garments, bedding, etc., creates drag on the motor, which could overheat. Other components inside the dryer can also be affected if overloaded. If belts, bearings, and the dryer’s pulley system are overworked, those can also cause a breakdown. Adjusting load size may be the simple solution to the problem.

Interruption of Power

You’re searching for a reason and solution to a dryer breakdown, a well-meaning technician asks you if the dryer is plugged in and has power. We recognize that is annoying, but it is also a possibility. Obviously, you would recognize if the dryer is or isn’t plugged in, but you might not consider that power was interrupted at the breaker box. It could happen. A sudden power surge could prompt the breaker to switch off, breaking the electrical connection to the dryer. It’s a good idea to check the breakers. Switch the appropriate breaker back into the on position.

Excessive Lint

You know that leftover lint in the lint trap creates a hazard if it continues to build. It also hinders the dryer’s drying power, as it will negatively affect air flow. Clean the lint trap and remove lint that’s trapped in the vent. This could be the reason to why the dryer won’t dry your clothes.

Heating Element

A gas burner heats the air in a gas dryer, while an electric element provides the heat for an electric dryer. In either case the dryer won’t dry clothes if this equipment is broken. Wear and tear damage or even dirt on the heat exchange of this equipment can prevent the flow of heat. The equipment may need replacing if removing the dirt doesn’t change the condition. The panel on the back of dryer must be removed to reach the equipment, which presents a shock potential. Save the job for a professional.

Troubleshooting why your dryer won’t dry clothes is a process of elimination. After eliminating all the possibilities, the solution may be that the dryer’s components or the dryer itself needs to be replaced. This solution is an expensive one, but a home warranty plan offered by FPL Home* can help to provide peace of mind when an appliance breaks down due to normal wear and tear. For more information on how a home warranty plan can benefit you, call 844-965-1133.


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