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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home

It’s reasonable to assume that your washing machine, having gone through all the cycles, has drained the water from the drum. Reasonable, but not guaranteed. Finding a heavy mess of wet garments is a discovery that confirms what could be a serious problem with the washing machine. However, don’t panic just yet if your washing machine doesn’t drain. It could also be a fixable problem.

Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

Lid Locking Mechanism

Top load washing machines are designed with a lid switch that locks when the machine begins its cycle. If the lid lock mechanism malfunctions, then the machine won’t react to the varying signals to change cycles, including the drain and spin cycle. The water won’t drain from the machine. If the washing machine fails to enter into the next washing cycle, contact a certified technician to remove and replace the switch.

Drain Hose

The drain hose transports water from the washing machine to the outside. A bend or kink in the hose may prevent water from draining. Slip to the backside of the washing machine and follow the hose to find if it is kinked. You may be able to undo the kink if it’s not too severe. A severe kink that reshapes and constricts a section in the hose may be impossible to undo. Replacing the hose may be necessary.  

The drain hose could also be clogged so that water is unable to drain. Removing the obstruction requires that the machine is accessed through the front panel. You must take off the front panel of the machine to reveal the drain line and to remove the obstruction. It may be advisable to contact a service technician for the job. For deep clogs the technician would unclog the drain hose using a plumber’s snake, an instrument used to snake through the hose and pull out the clog.

Washer Pump

A broken washer pump is a serious issue. Water is removed by the washer pump during the spin cycle. If the cycle spins, but the water remains, then the pump is not performing the job it’s designed to do. It should be replaced. Contact a certified technician to remove and replace the washer pump. 

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